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A place for the change you seek

Working dynamically means looking beyond symptoms in order to treat the whole person. I enjoy facilitating an exploration into the hidden and sometimes difficult aspects of the self.

Problems in relationships or with oneself may be repetitive in nature and even unknown. Change may be desired but we find ourselves repeating ineffective behaviours. Having a space to think together, perhaps back to early events or relationships can bring an awareness into the present.

I provide a compassionate and open space, somewhere to be curious about your life experiences. Whilst I will encourage you to seek your own self-understanding, therapy is a process to think together in perhaps what might feel to be unfamiliar, yet this is within a shared environment.  

What it is that you are seeking from psychotherapy? Change may feel difficult but begins with taking a first step. I look forward to helping unveil inner experiences to unfold. 

I work in SW London as well as offering online sessions.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.

Unfold your myth.” 


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